All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Packe, unknown Cuthbert James daughter of Hussey Packe
Packe, Jane Ian Gow
Page, Sarah John Astley daughter of William Page
Page, Maria Matthew Wood died 1848 daughter of John Page, of Woodbridge, Suffolk
Page, Sheila Peter Thorneycroft daughter of E.W. Page, of Wolverhampton
Paget, Lady Agnes George Byng died 1845 daughter of 1st Marquess of Anglesey
Paget, Hon. B. William Jolliffe died 1862
Paget, Dorothy Herbert Gladstone daughter of Sir Richard Paget 1st Bt
Paget, Eliza Charles Paget daughter of William Paget
Paget, Agnes Charlotte George Paget died 1858 daughter of Sir Arthur Paget
Paget, Bianca Jacqueline Oliver Locker-Lampson died 1930 of Pasadena, California
Paget, Emily Anna John Colomb daughter of R.S. Palmer and widow of Lt Charles Paget
Paget, unknown John Mellor daughter of Charles Paget MP
Paget, Gertrude Jane Standish O'Grady died 1871 daughter of Hon. Berkeley Paget
Paget, Constance Henrietta George James Maidstone died 1878 daughter of 2nd Marquess of Anglesey
Paget-Marsland, Leila Augusta Henry Morris-Jones widow of J Illidge Marsland
Paine, Natalie Wales Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton widow of Edward Bragg Paine and daughter of Nathaniel Wales; US citizen
Pakenham, Lady Antonia Hugh Fraser 1932- daughter of 7th Earl of Longford; known as an author under the name Lady Antonia Fraser
Pakenham, Mary Frances Hester William Verner daughter of Lieut-General Hon. Sir Hercules Pakenham
Pakenham, unknown Edmund Hayes daughter of Hon. H. Pakenham