All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Rabett, unknown William Lindsay daughter of John Rabett
Radcliffe, Emily Anne Millicent Eliot Yorke daughter of Emilius Henry Delmé Radcliffe
Radclyffe, Ermingarde John Collett daughter of William Radclyffe, of Darley Hall, Yorkshire
Radford, Emma Louisa George Radford daughter of Daniel Radford, of Mount Tavy, Tavistock
Radnall, unknown Robert Houston daughter of Thomas Radnall, widow of 9th Baron Byron
Radziwill, Princess Grace Ednam
Rae, unknown Richard Fort daughter of GB Rae
Rae, unknown James Haslett daughter of John Rae
Rae, Catherine Cameron David Quibell
Raffalovich, Sophie William O'Brien daughter of Hermann Raffalovich, of Paris
Rafferty, Brenda Stan Cohen
Railton, unknown Evan Jones daughter of James Railton
Raines Hoskison, Anne Alfred Edwards
Rally, Helen Henry Harland daughter of John Barbour
Ralph, Ada John Donovan New Zealand
Ralph, Ruby Evelyn James Hill
Ralston, Nancy
Ramsay, Katharine Marjory Tullibardine 1874-1960 daughter of Sir James Ramsay, Bart, of Banff; herself later an MP
Ramsden, unknown Barnet Kenyon daughter of John Ramsden
Ramsden, unknown Arnold Lupton daughter of JW Ramsden