All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Tabrum, Rosemary Charles Simeons daughter of Ashley Tabrum
Tadbrooke, Minnie George Sawyer of Broadway
Tait, Margaret Lyall Wilkes daughter of Frederick Tait, of Gateshead, County Durham
Tait, Isabella Adam Black daughter of James Tait, architect
Talbot, Margaret Matilda John Dundas daughter of James Talbot, of Talbot Hall, County Wexford
Talbot, Lady Theresa Susie Helen Charles Stewart Castlereagh daughter of 129th Earl of Shrewsbury
Talbot, unknown Thomas Redington daughter of John H. Talbot, of Ballytrent
Talbot, unknown Harry Mackeson, Duncan McCallum daughter of Commander R Talbot
Talbot, Augusta Edward Howard 1831-1862 daughter of Hon. George Talbot
Talkershall, unknown Alexander Sherriff died 1868 daughter of Thomas Talkershall, of Armley, Yorkshire
Tallis, unknown Robert Nelson daughter of James T Tallis
Tankard, Mary Arthur Tiley daughter of Craven Tankard
Tanner, Elizabeth Peter Remnant died 1965 daughter of W.G. Tanner, of Frenchay, Gloucestershire
Tant, Iris June John Cartwright daughter of Arthur Mark Tant
Tapper, unknown James Craig daughter of Sir Daniel AA Tapper
Tarrant, Mary Frances Thomas Silcock daughter of Reverend H. Tarrant
Tasburgh, Frances George Heneage daughter of Michael Tasburgh, of Burghwallis, Yorkshire
Taschereau, unknown daughter of Sir Henri Taschereau
Tatam, unknown Alfred Haslam daughter of Thomas Tatam
Tate, Mary Charles Edwards