All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Oates, unknown daughter of Stephen Oates, shipbroker
Oates, unknown George Wood daughter of Jos. Oates, of Westwood Hall, near Leeds
O'Brien, Christina Maria Joseph M'Connell, James Patrick O'Gorman O'Gorman Mahon died 1877 daughter of John O'Brien, of Dublin
O'Brien, unknown Walter Edwards daughter of Daniel O'Brien
O'Brien, Margaret Cornelius O'Brien daughter of Peter Long, of Waterford; widow of James O'Brien, of Limerick
O'Byrne, Mary daughter of John O'Byrne
O'Carroll, unknown John Fitzgibbon daughter of John O'Carroll
O'Connell, Mary Daniel O'Connell daughter of Dr Edward O'Connell, of Tralee; his cousin
O'Connell, unknown Charles O'Connell daughter of Daniel O'Connell MP
O'Connor, Mary Daniel Sheehan died 1926 daughter of Martin O'Connor, of Tralee
O'Connor, Kathleen Michael O'Neill daughter of James O'Connor, of Brackernagh, Galway
O'Connor, unknown Hugh Tuite daughter of Maurice N. O'Connor, of Mount Pleasant
O'Connor, unknown William O'Malley daughter of Thomas O'Connor, of Athlone; sister of T.P. O'Connor MP
O'Connor, Adelle Borodale
O'Connor, Marjorie Ethel Reginald Terrell
O'Conor, Mary Julia Luke Teeling died 1953 daughter of Charles O'Conor
Odhams, Muriel Katharine John Reith daughter of John Lynch Odhams
Odom, unknown Herbert Butcher daughter of James Odom
Ody, Clare Henry Smith daughter of Joseph Ody, of Eastcourt, Wiltshire
O'Farrell, Ann Jim Sillars