All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Bourne, Ada William Whitla daughter of George Bourne, of Staffordshire
Bourset, unknown Vincent Kennedy daughter of Adolph Bourset
Bouverie, Anna Maria Wyndham Paulet Mildmay daughter of Hon. Bartholomew Bouverie
Bowen, Ethel Josiah Wedgwood daughter of Lord Bowen
Bower, unknown Henry Harris daughter of E Chivers Bower
Bower, unknown Herbert Mercer daughter of Thomas Bower
Bowes-Lyon, Clodagh Pamela Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton daughter of Lieut-Colonel Hon. Malcolm Bowes Lyon
Bowker, Ellen Lampard William Simonds daughter of Frederick Bowker, of Winchester
Bowlby, unknown Roger Keyes daughter of Edward Salvin Bowlby
Bowler, Florence Maude Cyril Bence
Bowley, Eva Stanley Holmes daughter of Thomas Bowley
Bowly, unknown William Bell daughter of Captain JD Bowly
Bowman, Edward Elaine Kellett-Bowman
Bowman, Muriel Paget Samuel Ridley daughter of Sir W. Paget Bowman, of Joldwynds, Surrey
Box, Rosemary Ann Robert Taylor daughter of Arthur Box
Box, unknown Robert Lister daughter of John Box
Boyd, unknown Andrew Barton daughter of James Boyd, merchant
Boyd, Esme Mabel Walter Fletcher
Boyden, Kate James Rowlands died 1905 daughter of Joseph Boyden
Boyle, Christine James Sexton daughter of W. Boyle