All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Barron, Emily Frances Frederick Polhill-Turner daughter of Sir Henry Winston Barron, Bart
Barron, Marie Mathilde John O'Keefe daughter of Peirse Marcus Barron, of Belmont Park, County Waterford
Barrow, Elizabeth Frederick Erroll
Barrow, Barbara Michael Shersby daughter of J.H. Barrow
Barry, unknown Thomas Cusack-Smith daughter of James Smith Barry, of Marbury Hall, Cheshire
Barry, Marian Peter Curran
Bartleet, unknown Albert Hillary daughter of William Bartleet
Bartlett, Margaret Mabel Godfrey Wilson daughter of Reverend J. Bartlett
Bartolucci, Candida Louisa William Hay
Barton, unknown George Herbert daughter of GE Barton
Bashwood, Marianne Georgiana Edmund Antrobus daughter of Sir George Bashwood, Bart
Bassett, Lena Arthur Moyle
Bassett, Harriet Mary Charles Williams daughter of Arthur Davie Bassett, of Umberleigh, Devon
Bassy, Margaret William Baxter
Bastable, unknown Robert Crouch GW Bastable
Bastiman, Patricia Hilda Lewis Carter-Jones daughter of Alfred Bastiman, of Scarborough
Bateman, Catherine Edward Scott daughter of Sir Hugh Bateman, Bart
Bateman, Jessie Elizabeth Harold Davies
Bateman-Hanbury, Hon. Elizabeth Augusta George Warburton daughter of 1st Baron Bateman; sister of Charles Bateman-Hanbury MP
Bateman-Hanbury, Hon. Gertrude Emily John Wood died 1927 daughter of 2nd Baron Bateman