All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Dangar, unknown Henry Curtis-Bennett daughter of A.A. Dangar
Daniel, Vera Robert Gower daughter of Dr C.H. Thomas, widow of Ronald Angus Daniel
Daniel, unknown Thomas Nussey daughter of EM Daniel MD
Daniel, Katherine John Jenkins daughter of Edward Daniel
d'Anvers, Alice Charles Townshend daughter of Comte Cahen d'Anvers
Darby, Adelaide Anna Henry Whitmore daughter of Francis Darby, of Coalbrookdale
Dare, unknown Robert Dare daughter of Captain Grafton Dare
Darling, Florence Frederick Young died 1947 daughter of John Darling of Adelaide
Dart, Priscilla Terence Walker
Dash, Mary Anne James Weir died 1896 daughter of George Dash
Dashwood, Georgiana Jacob Astley daughter of Sir Henry Watkin Dashwood, Bart
Dashwood, Augusta Sophia Margaret Wintringham, Henry Leeke died 1861 daughter of James Dashwood, of Windsor
Daubuz, Ann John Westenra daughter of Lewis Charles Daubuz, of Truro
Davenport, unknown William Johnson daughter of S Davenport
Davids, unknown Gordon Campbell daughter of HVS Davids
Davidson, unknown Rowland Hunt daughter of Duncan Davidson
Davidson, Jessie Alice Charles Gibson
Davidson, unknown Charles Darbishire daughter of Sheriff Davidson
Davidson, Sir John Colin Campbell Joan Davidson son of Sir James Mackenzie Davidson; himself an MP
Davidson, Margaret Robert Grant daughter of Sir David Davidson, of Cantray, Nairn