All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Ennis, Marie O'Donoghue of the Glens
Eno, Alice Henry Hopkinson died 1953 daughter of Henry Lane Eno, of Princeton, NJ, U.S.A.
Entwisle, Ellen Matilda Alexander Ramsay daughter of John Entwisle MP
Epstein, Eve Reginald Banks widow of Edward Epstein, of Louisville, Kentucky
Erle Drax, unknown John Erle-Drax daughter of Richard Erle Drax
Ermen, Matilda Henry Roby died 1889 daughter of Peter A. Ermen, of Manchester
Errington, Florence Clement Kinloch-Cooke died 1944 daughter of Reverend Lancelot Errington
Errington, unknown John Johnson
Erskine, Sarah Jane Peter Quinn daughter of Reverend Josiah Erskine, Rector of Kilbridge
Erskine, unknown John Gordon sister of Earl of Munster, widow of Hon. J. Kennedy Erskine
Erskine, Lady Evelyn Walter Guinness died 1939 daughter of 14th Earl of Buchan
Erskine, Mary Thomas Acland
Erskine, Millicent Anne Mary James Wemyss daughter of Hon. John Kennedy Erskine
Erskine, Hon. Jane James Callander daughter of Lord Erskine
Etches, Ivy Annie Alfred Holland
Ethelston, Margaret Emily John Watlington daughter of Reverend Charles Wicksted Ethelston
Ethelston, Edith Grace Thomas Wethered daughter of Reverend Hart Ethelston, of Manchester
Etherton, Dorothy Derek Walker-Smith daughter of L. Etherton, of Rowlands Castle
Evans, Mary William Jenkins
Evans, unknown Gordon Lang daughter of JW Evans