All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Giffard, unknown William Follett daughter of Sir Harding Giffard, Chief Justice of Ceylon
Gilbert, Henrietta Emma Henry Woods daughter of Right Reverend Dr Gilbert, Bishop of Chichester
Gilbert, unknown John Howard daughter of Alexander Bartlett Gilbert
Gilding, unknown Edward Iliffe daughter of Henry Gilding JP
Gill, Marian Charles Tuff died 1897 daughter of G.W. Gill, of Rochester
Gill, AA Amber Rudd
Gill, Ruth Sylvia Fermoy daughter of W.S. Gill, of Dalhebity, Aberdeenshire
Gill, Faith Joseph Walton daughter of Robert Gill, solicitor, of Middlesbrough
Gill, Harriet Gerard Noel daughter of Reverend J. Gill, of Scraptoft, Leicestershire
Gill, Barbara John Rundle daughter of John Gill, of Tavistock
Gillespie, unknown Andrew O'Dwyer illegitimate daughter of Sir R. Gillespie
Gillett, unknown William Kelly daughter of C Gillett
Gillibrand, unknown Frederick Hindle daughter of Thomas Gillibrand, cotton manufacturer
Gillies, unknown Duncan Graham daughter of Thomas Gillies
Gillies, unknown daughter of William Gillies
Gilliman, Elizabeth William Bernard daughter of Colonel Edward Gilliman
Gilling, Margaret Trevor Skeet died 1973 daughter of H.M. Gilling, of Devon
Gilmore, Anne Margaret Tony Cunningham
Gilmour, unknown Arthur Hope daughter of Brig Gen Sir R Gordon Gilmour 1st Bt
Gilthorpe, Mrs Patricia Tony Newton