All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Vere, Harriet Edward Gooch daughter of James Joseph Hope vere
Vere, Rebecca George Doughty died 1904
Vereker, Hon. Jacqueline Corinne Yvonne William Sidney died 1962 daughter of Field-Marshal 6th Viscount Gort
Verney, Gillian Mary Norman Wylie daughter of Dr R.E. Verney, of Edinburgh
Vester, unknown Douglas Spencer-Nairn daughter of Frederick Vester
Villiers, Lady Constance Frederick Stanley daughter of 4th Earl of Clarendon
Villiers, unknown Charles Kerr daughter of Lieut-Colonel Charles Walter Villiers
Villiers, Lady Margaret Walter Rice daughter of 7th Earl of Jersey
Vincent, Margaret Granville Sharp daughter of Dr J.H. Vincent, of Wembley Hill, Middlesex
Viterbo, Edmee Daniel Hopkin
Vivian, Hon. Averil George Tryon daughter of Henry Vivian MP (1st Baron Swansea)
Vivian, unknown William Craig daughter of J.H. Vivian
Vivian, Hon. Mary Charlotte Martha John Tremayne daughter of Charles Vivian MP (2nd Baron Vivian)
Vivian, Hon. Daphne Henry Weymouth daughter of 4th Baron Vivian
Vokes, unknown Thomas Davies daughter of William Vokes
von Groeller, Maria Walter Scott-Elliott daughter of Captain Alexander Reichrilter von Groeller
Von Schaumberg, Emilie Francis Hughes-Hallett daughter of Colonel Von Schaumberg of Philadelphia
Vyner, Mary Evelyn Alwyne Compton daughter of R.C. de Grey Vyner
Vyner, Henrietta Anne Theodosis Goderich died 1907 daughter of Captain Henry Vyner; Goderich's cousin