Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Bannatyne, Isabella John Wilson daughter of Andrew Bannatyne, of Hamilton
Bannatyne, Margaret William Watson daughter of Dugald Bannatyne
Banszky, Veronica Woodrow Wyatt previously married
Barber, Frances Joan Albert Oram daughter of Charles and Dorothy Barber, of Lewes, Sussex
Barbour, Janetta Windham Carmichael-Anstruther daughter of Robert Barbour
Barclay, Quita John Simpson died 1939 daughter of Robert Barclay, of Sedgley New Hall, Prestwich
Baring, Marie Anne Louisa William Henry Euston
Baring, Charlotte Rosa Robert Shafto daughter of William Baring
Baring, unknown Henry Labouchere died 1850 daughter of Sir Thomas Baring, Bart
Baring, Anne Eugenia Humphrey Mildmay died 1839 daughter of Alexander Baring MP (1st Baron Ashburton)
Baring, Hon. Mary William George Spencer Compton daughter of 2nd Lord Ashburton
Baring, Frances Thomas Kemp daughter of Sir Francis Baring, Bart
Barker, Ann Elizabeth Thomas Thompson daughter of Reverend Thomas Barker, of York
Barker, Catherine William Keenan
Barker, Elizabeth Aaron Chapman daughter of Joseph Barker, of Whitby
Barlow, unknown Edmund Bartley-Denniss daughter of George Barlow, Mayor of Oldham
Barnaby, Rosetta Edward Reed daughter of Nathaniel Barnaby, of Sheerness
Barnard, Myra Ernest Wild daughter of William Barnard, of Caistor, Norfolk
Barnes, unknown Rosie Barnes
Barnes, Henrietta Georgiana Augustus Warr daughter of Henry Barnes, of Liverpool