All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Adamson, Olive Esmond Wright
Adamson, Anne Stephen Walsh
Adamson, unknown Joseph Leigh daughter of David Adamson
Adamson, unknown Thomas Fenby daughter of Mark Adamson
Adamson, William Murdoch Jennie Adamson 1881-1945
Addams, Mrs Barbara Henry Hopkinson daughter of Stephen Barb, of New York
Addison, unknown Percy Lucas daughter of Lieut-Colonel AM Addison
Adeane, unknown John Cator daughter of Henry A Adeane
Adeane, Alethea Henry Grenfell daughter of H Adeane MP
Adeane, Lady Elizabeth Philippa Michael Biddulph daughter of 4th Earl of Hardwicke; widow of Henry John Adeane
Adey, Paula John Wilkinson daughter of Joseph Adey, of County Durham
Adine, Ethel William Grenfell daughter of Hon. Julian and Lady Adine Fane
Adler, Carine John Reid
Agar, unknown Arthur Bignold daughter of Thomas Agar
Agnew, Harriet Wentworth Thomas Russell died 1894 daughter of Thomas Agnew, of Dungannon
Agnew, Lizzie Daniel Dixon died 1868 daughter of James Agnew
Agnew, Madeline Diana Elizabeth Thomas Clifton
Aikin-Sneath, Betsy John Rodgers daughter of Francis Aikin-Sneath
Ainsworth, unknown Max Muspratt daughter of TW Ainsworth
Ainsworth Brown, Catherine Arthur Greenwood