All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Archibald, unknown Edward Lyons, Neil Maclean daughter of George Archibald
Arkell, Susan Percy Browne
Arkle, unknown Alfred Bigland daughter of William Baillie Arkle
Arkwright, Elizabeth Francis Hurt daughter of Richard Arkwright
Armata, unknown Albert Bennett daughter of Leopold Armata
Armistead, unknown Terence Clarke daughter of Mr Armistead
Armstrong, Doreen M
Armstrong, Evangeline John Dennis died 1919 daughter of Dr Armstrong of New York
Arnold, Dorothy Stafford Hotchkin
Arnold, unknown William Forster daughter of Thomas Arnold
Arnold, Eleanor Armine Wodehouse daughter of Matthew Arnold
Arrol, Lady Robert Collie daughter of James Robertson; widow (2nd wife) of Sir William Arrol
Arton, Margaret Elaine Anthony Bourne-Arton daughter of W Denby Arton
Ashe A'Court, Maria Philip Pleydell-Bouverie died 1862 daughter of Sir William Pierce Ashe A'Court
Ashe à Court-Repington, Elizabeth Sidney Herbert died 1911 daughter of Major-General Ashe à Court, niece of 1st Lord Heytesbury
Asheton, Mary Anne Thomas Lewis daughter of John Asheton
Ashford, Margaret Dennis Vosper daughter of Sidney Ashford
Ashley, unknown Tankerville Chamberlayne daughter of SJ Ashley
Ashley, unknown William Flanagan daughter of Edwin James Ashley
Ashley, Clara Harry Taylor daughter of John Ashley