All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Blackmore, Sarah James Turner daughter of Robert Grierson Blackmore, of Manchester
Blair, Mary Elizabeth Robert Vans-Agnew daughter of Sir David Hunter Blair, of Blairquhan, Ayrshire
Blair, unknown George Hutchison daughter of John Blair
Blair-Oliphant, Beatrice Mary Moore James Duncan daughter of Thomas O'Carroll; widow of Major Philip Blair-Oliphant
Blake, Louisa Marcus Hill daughter of Joseph Blake
Blake, Mary Anne Denis O'Conor Don daughter of Major Blake
Blake, unknown John Hall daughter of W Hearn Blake
Blakeney, Martha Susan Samuel Roberts daughter of Venerable Archdeacon Blakeney
Blakiston-Houston, Mary Agnes Michael Hughes-Young
Bland, unknown Michael Bates daughter of Oscar T Bland
Bland, Iseult Margery Hazlehurst Lionel Beaumont-Thomas daughter of O.T. Bland
Bland, unknown Frank Fison FL Bland
Blandon, Audrey Bob Russell daughter of
Blandy, unknown Alexander Brown daughter of CR Blandy
Blantyre, Hon. Gertrude William Gladstone
Blew-Jones, Belinda Bridget Antony Lambton daughter of D.H. Blew-Jones, of Westward Ho!
Bligh, Elizabeth Mary Walter Pelham daughter of Hon. Sir John Duncan Bligh
Blockley, unknown Alexander Farquharson daughter of Edward Blockley
Blois, Evelyn Hester Robert Lyons, Iain Macleod daughter of Reverend Gervaise Blois; created Baroness Macleod in 1971
Blois, unknown Geoffrey Bing daughter of Sir Ralph Blois 9th Bt