All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Blood, Gertrude Elizabeth Colin Campbell
Blow, Clare Désirée Phelim O'Neill daughter of Detmar Blow
Bloxham, unknown Percy Harris daughter of John Astley Bloxham, surgeon
Blundell, Mrs S.J. George Hume
Blundell, Caroline Bernhard Samuelson 1821-1886 daughter of Henry Blundell, of Kingston-upon-Hull
Blythe, Charlotte Mary John Fleming daughter of John Blythe, of London
Blythe, unknown Alan Gardner daughter of Sir James Blythe
Boam, Ethel Walker William Reid died 1943 daughter of William Walker Smith; widow of Dr H. Boam
Boardman, Ethel Marion Percy Jewson
Boggis, Mary Packer Benjamin Rodwell daughter of James Boggis, of Baddow Court, Essex
Bold, Anna Maria John Wilson-Patten died 1946 daughter of Peter Patten Bold, of Bold, Lancashire; Wilson-Patten's cousin
Bolitho, Mary Frances Charles Williams daughter of Thomas Bolitho MP
Bolitho, Emily Thomas Buchanan daughter of TS Bolitho
Bolitho, Elizabeth Maud Ronald McNeill died 1925 daughter of William Bolitho, of Penzance
Bomford, Sarah Maria Frederick Tollemache died 1835 daughter of Robert Bomford, of Ralenstown, County Meath
Bonaparte, Letitia Thomas Wyse 1804-1871 daughter of Lucien Bonaparte
Bond-Cabbell, unknown John Jameson daughter of J Bond-Cabbell JP
Bonham-Carter, Hon Laura Miranda Jo Grimond daughter of Sir Maurice Bonham-Carter and Baronness Asquith of Yambury
Boone, Sarah John Smith daughter of Thomas Boone
Booth, Martha William Robinson died 1931 daughter of Dennis Booth, of Burnley