All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Baines, unknown Reginald Neville daughter of Lieut-Colonel CJ Baines
Baines, unknown Alfred Billson daughter of John Baines
Baines, Margaret Charles Reed daughter of Edward Baines MP
Baird, Charlotte Marion Cole daughter of Douglas Baird, of Closeburn, Scotland
Baird, Robert Brian Vera Baird died 1979
Baker, Rose Frederick Rice daughter of James Baker, of Kennington
Baker, Sarah William Lane-Mitchell daughter of Joseph Baker, of Formby, and divorced wife of Sir Edmund Vestey, Bart
Baker, Margaret H Walter Menzies
Baker, unknown Charles Allen daughter of Alfred Baker
Baker, unknown Stephen Maydon daughter of CV Baker
Baker, Georgiana Robert Bagshaw daughter of R Baker
Baker, Lyndsay Mary Richard Glyn daughter of T.H. Baker, of Stoneygate, Leicester
Baker, Renee Helen Mary Robert Rankin died 1932 daughter of Edmund Baker
Baker, unknown John Simeon died 1860 daughter of Sir Frederick Francis Baker, Bart
Baldwin, (Gladys) Mary Harold Wilson daughter of Reverend D. Baldwin, of Duxford
Baldwin, unknown Arthur Howard daughter of 1st Earl Baldwin
Balfour, unknown George Finch daughter of J Balfour
Balfour, unknown daughter of Archibald Balfour
Balfour, Julia Eleanor Adelaide Folkestone daughter of Charles Balfour, of Kelso, Scotland
Balfour, unknown Edward Ellice died 1864 daughter of General Balfour