All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Butt, unknown James Bruton daughter of JM Butt JP
Butterfield, Sarah David Willetts
Butterworth, Harriet Elizabeth Arthur Way daughter of Henry Butterworth, of Henbury Court, Gloucestershire
Buttle, Mary Anne Fleming John Cameron daughter of John Wildman Buttle, of Inverness
Buxton, unknown Ralph Clarke daughter of Gerald Buxton JP
Buxton, Priscilla Andrew Johnston daughter of T.F. Buxton MP
Buxton, Noel Noel-Buxton 1869-1948 son of Sir T. Fowell Buxton, Bart; himself an MP
Buxton, Avery Guy Wilson daughter of Geoffrey Buxton, of Dunston Hall, Norwich
Byass, Mrs Arthur Walter Faber daughter of S Laing
Byford, Emily William Thorne daughter of William Byford
Byng, Lady Winifred Herbert Gardner daughter of Earl of Carnarvon
Byng, Beatrice Henry Blundell
Byrne, Marianne John O'Connor daughter of Denis Byrne, of Dublin
Byrom, Elizabeth Peter Ainsworth daughter of Ashton Byrom
Byron, unknown William Campion daughter of Reverend Hon William Byron
Byron, unknown John Austin daughter of Samuel Standidge Byron
Byrsone, unknown Charles Adam daughter of Patrick Byrsone
Bythell, Helena Margaret Robert Barclay daughter of Director Manchester Ship Canal