All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Dobson, Julia Lissant Christopher Tugendhat
Dobson, unknown William Graham daughter of HB Dobson
Dobson, Louisa Thomas Wing widow of S.J. Dobson, of Grimsby
Dodd, unknown Haydn Davies daughter of J Dodd
Dodds, Elizabeth Emma Matthew Simm daughter of George Dodds, of Cramlington
Doherty, Susan Ann Gertrude Gerry Fitt 1921-1996 daughter of James Doherty
d'Olhofen, Wilhelmine Philip Muntz daughter of J. d'Olhofen, of Karlsruhe
Dolman, Lillian Annie May John Wright daughter of R.B.P. Dolman
Domela, Emilie M Leonard Matters
Dominguez, Elaine Peter Rawlinson daughter of Vincent Dominguez, of the U.S.A.
Domvile, Anne Helena Thomas Winnington daughter of Sir Compton Domvile, Bart
Donaldson, Mary James Dougherty
Donaldson, unknown John George daughter of Robert G Donaldson
Donnellan, unknown Valentine Blake daughter of Joseph Donnellan
Donnelly, Theresa John Roche daughter of Thomas Donnelly, of Douras, County Galway
Donohue, unknown daughter of Colonel WE Donohue
Donovan, unknown Thomas Esmonde daughter of Patrick Donovan
Dorington, unknown John Herries died 1821 daughter of John Dorington
Dormer, Hon. Mary John Rees daughter of 13th Baron Dormer
Dorning, Elizabeth John Lever daughter of Jonathan Dorning, of Swinton, Lancashire