All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Digby, Charlotte John Wingfield-Digby daughter of William Digby
Digges, Lillian Gordon Hall Caine died 1948
Dillon, Anne Patrick Lalor died 1835
Dinning, Elizabeth Joshua Ritson daughter of Irvin Dinning, of Cambois, Northumberland
Disbrowe, Jane Harriet Henry Wise daughter of Sir Edward C. Disbrowe
Dittenhofer, Elinor Alfred Bossom daughter of Samuel Dittenhofer
Dix, S.A. Alfred Onions daughter of Mr Dix, miner
Dixie, Emma Georgina Cecil Forester daughter of Sir Willoughby Wolstan Dixie, 8th Bart, of Bosworth Park, Leicestershire
Dixon, Hilda Graham Page daughter of Edgar Dixon
Dixon, unknown George Gillett daughter of John Dixon MD
Dixon, unknown Robert Gee daughter of Peter Dixon
Dixon, unknown Lewis Haslam daughter of Henry Dixon
Dixon, Ophelia Andrew White daughter of Hugh Dixon, of Bishop Wearmouth
Dixon, Ruth Eleanore John Denham
Dixon, Jennifer Peter Blaker
Dixon, unknown Thomas Cairns daughter of William Dixon
Dixon, unknown Henry Kimber daughter of General Charles Dixon
Dixon, Annie John Cairns
Dobbs, Harriet Sydney George Mandeville died 1907 daughter of Conway Richard Dobbs
Dobson, unknown William Graham daughter of HB Dobson