All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Garrison, Estelle Charles Ramsay daughter of W.R. Garrison, of New York
Garrod, unknown Robert Jackson daughter of Robert Garrod
Garrod, unknown John Lorden daughter of Matthew Garrod
Garside, unknown Ernest Gray daughter of Joseph Garside
Garton, unknown Joseph Jackson daughter of George Garton
Garvey, Una Michael Colivet
Gascoigne, unknown Michael Falcon daughter of Captain Gascoigne
Gascoyne-Cecil, Beatrix Maud Wolmer daughter of 3rd Marquess of Salisbury
Gascoyne-Cecil, Lady Beatrice William Ormsby-Gore daughter of Viscount Cranborne MP (4th Marquess of Salisbury)
Gasque, Maysie Roland Robinson daughter of Clarence Warren Gasque
Gatt, unknown Ernest Davies daughter of H Gatt
Gauntlett, Pauline Ruth John Baldock
Gay, unknown Frederick Gould daughter of David Gay
Gayford, Nora Frank Rye widow of G. Gayford, of Raynham
Gay-Roberts, unknown Eliot Crawshay-Williams daughter of James Gay-Roberts
Geddes, Georgina James Scott of Buckhaven, Fife
Gell, Isabella William Thornhill daughter of Philip Gell, of Hopton Hall, Derbyshire, MP before 1832
Gellibrand, unknown William Allen daughter of W. Clarke Gellibrand
Gelsthorpe, Emily James Haslam daughter of John Gelsthorpe
Gemmill, unknown Thomas Moore daughter of William Gemmill, widow of John Hislop Pettigrew