All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Kelly, Bidelia Michael O'Loghlen daughter of Daniel Kelly, of Dublin
Kelly, unknown William Bousfield daughter of George Kelly
Kelly, Mary Anne Kevin O'Doherty a noted poet
Kelly, Mary Catherine James Gardner
Kemble, Adelaide Edward Sartoris daughter of Charles Kemble
Kemeny, unknown John Haire daughter of Dr Eugene Kemeny
Kendall, Mary John Rashleigh daughter of Nicholas Kendall MP, of Pelyn, Cornwall
Kendall, Judy Nicholas Ridley
Kendall, Lily George Sinkinson of Barrow-in-Furness
Kennard, unknown Charles Hunter daughter of AS Kennard
Kennard, unknown James Grant daughter of A.C. Kennard
Kennedy, unknown James Falconer daughter of Robert Kennedy, engineer
Kennedy, Eliza John Willoughby daughter of Major-General Michael Kennedy
Kennedy, unknown Cecil Norton daughter of J. Kennedy
Kennedy, Mrs Celia Dennis Walters daughter of Duncan Sandys MP
Kennett, Emily William Seymour daughter of Reverend Brackley Charles Kennett, of East Illsley, Berkshire
Kenny, unknown Joseph Hood daughter of Martin Kenny
Kenny, Annie Brian O'Higgins of Dublin
Kenrick, Florence Joseph Chamberlain died 1875 daughter of Timothy Kenrick
Kenrick, Harriet Joseph Chamberlain died 1863 daughter of Archibald Kenrick