All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Kent, Margaret Herbert Morrison
Kenworthy, Mary William Agnew
Keown, Martha Thomas Russell daughter of Lieut-Colonel Keown, of the 15th Hussars
Keppel, Lady Anne Marie Edward Ellice died 1844 daughter of 3rd Earl of Albemarle; widow of 1st Earl of Leicester
Keppel, Melita Maurice Hely-Hutchinson daughter of Adm Sir Colin Keppel
Kerr, Lady Cecil Victoria Constance John Douglas-Scott-Montagu daughter of 9th Marquess of Lothian
Kerr, unknown Harry Hope daughter of RK Holmes Kerr
Kerr, Margaret Ista Mabel John Freeman died 1957
Kerr, Russell Anne Kerr 1921- himself an MP
Kerr, unknown John Kerr daughter of T Kerr
Kerr, unknown John Baird daughter of Baillie Kerr
Kerr-Fisher, Dehra Robert Chichester MP in Northern Ireland Parliament
Kerrison, Emily Mahon daughter of Sir Edward Kerrison MP
Kerrison, Anna Henniker daughter of Sir Edward Kerrison, Bart
Keynes, Margaret Neville Archibald Hill died 1970 daughter of J.N. Keynes
Keys, Norah Harold Roper daughter of William Keys, of Edinburgh
Kidd, unknown Douglas Johnston daughter of Joseph Kidd MP
Kidd, Christiana George Thompson daughter of Professor James Kidd
Kier, unknown
Killick, Loullie