All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Lansdell, unknown James Lockwood daughter of Leonard Elliot Lansdell
Lapu, Eve Marie-Thérèse Paul Rose daughter of Jean and Anna Lapu
Lascelles, Vreda Esther Mary Dalkeith 1900-1993 daughter of Major W.F. Lascelles
Lascelles, Henrietta Frances William Cavendish
Lascelles, Emma Elizabeth Edward Cavendish died 1920 daughter of Earl of Carlisle
Lascelles, Marion Donata Nanetta Jeremy Thorpe 1926- daughter of Erwin Stein, of Vienna; former wife of 7th Earl of Harewood
Lascelles, Lady Constance Mary Beilby Lawley daughter of 4th Earl of Harewood
Lascelles, unknown George Lloyd daughter of Hon. FC Lascelles
Latham, Anna Margaret James Clyde daughter of P.W. Latham MD
Latham, unknown Joseph Bailey daughter of J Latham
Latham, Dorothy Ann Charles Hale died 1971
Laurence, Mary George Robertson daughter of Samuel Laurence
Laverick, Beryl Reginald Maudling daughter of E. Laverick
Lavit, Albertine Eugénie Samuel Bristowe French parentage
Law, Mary Christian Frederick Williams daughter of Reverend Robert Law, Prebendary of Wells
Lawley, Hon. Ursula George Gibbs daughter of 6th Baron Wenlock
Lawley-Thompson, Jane James Stuart-Wortley daughter of 1st Baron Wenlock
Lawrence, Mildred Douglas Hogg daughter of Reverend E.P. Dew, widow of Hon. Clive Lawrence
Lawrence, unknown Frederick Hindle daughter of James Lawrence JP
Lawrie, unknown Alexander Cross daughter of JG Lawrie, shipbuilder