All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Lawson, unknown Frederick Chance daughter of Sir Wilfred Lawson
Lawson, Ann Margaret Walter Runciman daughter of John Lawson, of Blakemoor, Northumberland
Lawson, Ethel Richard Deans
Lawson, Gertrude Wilfrid Normand
Lawson, unknown Martin Conway widow of Reginald Lawson
Lawton, Amy Jane Adam Rodger of Ceylon
Layland, unknown Francis Layland-Barratt daughter of Thomas Layland
Lea, Sarah Samuel Woods
Leach, Emily W.H. Smith daughter of Francis Dawes Danvers; widow of B.A. Leach
Leach, Helen Pemberton Joseph Savory daughter of Colonel Sir George A. Leach, R.E.
Learoyd, unknown Robert Conant daughter of AE Learoyd
Leavers, unknown William Robertson daughter of John Leavers, of Nottingham
Leche, Florence George Kenyon daughter of John Harleston Leche
Lechmere, Maria Evelyn Shirley daughter of Sir Edmund Lechmere, Bart, of The Lynd, Worcestershire
Lee, Jennie Aneurin Bevan
Lee, Lucy Tracy Ernest Beckett
Lee, Lilian Winifred Albert Bechervaise
Lee, unknown Herbert Holdsworth daughter of William and Harriet Lee
Lee, Mary Ann William Ewart cousin
Leeke, Sophia Thomas Horsfall daughter of Reverend William Leeke, of Holbrooke Hall, Derbyshire