All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Magee, Angela Margaret Albert Owen
Maginnes, Rosemary John Esmonde
Magor, unknown Edmund Turner died 1842 daughter of Reuben Magor, banker, of Cornwall
Maguire, Elizabeth Thomas Harbison daughter of Nathaniel Maguire JP
Maguire, unknown Clifford Erskine-Bolst daughter of Senator Maguire
Mahieu, Gabrielle Peter Tapsell
Mahon, unknown daughter of James Mahon
Mahon, unknown Alice Mahon, Thomas McClure
Mainwaring, unknown William Massey-Mainwaring daughter of Charles B Lee Mainwaring
Mair, Jessy William Beveridge died 1959 Born Jessy Phillip; widow of D.B. Mair
Maitland, Venetia Mary Alfred Wigram daughter of Reverend John Whitaker Maitland, of Loughton, Essex
Maitland, unknown William Reade daughter of Patrick Maitland
Maitland, unknown John Bruce-Gardyne daughter of Sir John Maitland MP Horncastle 1945-66
Maitland, unknown David Waterlow daughter of Mrs F. Maitland
Maitland, Mary Henry Wilson daughter of Ebenezer Fuller Maitland MP, of Henley-on-Thames
Maitland-Kirvan, C L William Maxwell
Majoribanks, Elizabeth Douglas Hogg died 1925 daughter of James Trimble Brown, widow of Hon. Archibald Majoribanks
Makin, unknown daughter of John Makin
Malcolmson, Sophia James Richardson daughter of William Malcolmson, of Portlaw, County Waterford
Malet, Lady Gloria Nigel Fisher daughter of 7th Earl of Lisburn