All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Macleod, Letitia Sarah
Macleon, Georgiana Marcia John Rolls daughter of Sir Charles Macleon, Bart, of Morvaren
MacMichael, unknown Toby Low daughter of Sir Harold MacMichael
Macmillan, unknown John Mooney daughter of Angus Macmillan MD
Macmillan, Catherine Julian Amery daughter of Harold Macmillan MP
Macnabb, Flora John Walter daughter of James Monro Macnabb, of Highfield Park, Hampshire
Macnaghten, unknown daughter of Sir Melville Macnaghten
Macneill, Blair Belinda John Walsh daughter of Gordon Macneill
Macpherson, Ruby Gordon Touche daughter of Sir Duncan Macpherson
Macpherson, unknown Donald Murray daughter of Alexander Macpherson
Macqueen, Edith Leslie Haden-Guest
Macrae, Amy Thackery James Dalziel died 1935 widow of Donald Macrae
Macredie, unknown John Ainsworth daughter of Robert Reid Macredie
MacSwiney, Stephanie William Young daughter of Dr S. MacSwiney of Dublin
MacTaggart, Jane Philip Russell Rea daughter of P.L. MacTaggart, of Liverpool
Madan, Nicola Gordon Campbell daughter of G.S. Madan
Maddock, Diana Alan Beith Baroness Maddock; herself a former MP
Maddock, Frank Diana Maddock
Maffey, Penelope Loader William Aitken 1910-2005 daughter of 1st Baron Rugby. Obituary in The Guardian, 14/02/2005.
Magee, Lydia Jane John Tuke daughter of Reverend John Magee, of Drogheda