All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Nicholson, Hon. Evelyn Izmé John Seely daughter of 1st Viscount Elibank; widow of Captain George C.N. Nicholson
Nicholson, Berta John Jennings
Nicholson, Augusta Harriette Andrew Scoble daughter of Joseph Nicholson
Nicholson, Rosemary Richard Luce daughter of Sir Godfrey Nicholson MP
Nicol, Agnes John Wheatley daughter of Samuel Nicol
Nicola, Green David Lammy
ni Fhlannagain, Sinead Eamonn De Valera died 1975
Nightingale, Frances Parthenope Harry Verney daughter of William Edward Nightingale, of Embley, Hampshire
Nightingale, Florence William Adams
Nightingale, Elizabeth Sophia Charles Law daughter of SIr Edward Nightingale, Bart
Nilsson, unknown William Birkett daughter of Emil and Anna Nilsson
Nilsson, Ruth Joseph Batey, William Birkett
Nimmo, unknown daughter of Adam Nimmo
Nimmo, unknown Harold Glanville widow of P.B. Nimmo
Nimmo, unknown James Gibb daughter of Reverend David Nimmo
Nimmo, Helen John Robertson daughter of J. Nimmo, Chairman of Scottish Miners' Union
Nisbet, Mary Robert Ferguson daughter of William Hamilton Nisbet, of Direleton, Haddingtonshire; ex-wife of the Earl of Elgin
Nisbet, Annie Emelia John Astell
Nisbet, Mary Swan Ramsey Eustace Willis
Noble, Angela William Wells daughter of Robert Noble