All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Noel, Irene Philip Noel-Baker died 1956 daughter of Frank Noel, landowner in Greece
Noel, Lady Victoria Thomas Buxton died 1916 daughter of 1st Earl of Gainsborough
Noel, Matilda Catherine Emma Edward Pemberton daughter of Hon. Reverend Francis Noel
Noel, Alice Mary John Macdonald died 1929 daughter of Edward H. Noel
Noel, unknown daughter of Edward Noel
Noel, Lady Mary Arabella Louisa Andrew Agnew, Geoffrey Howe daughter of 1st Earl of Gainsborough
Nolan, Eileen Jack Browne
Norman, Charlotte Mary William Boyle died 1946 daughter of Charles Lloyd Norman and Julia Cameron
Norreys, Ruth Albert Grayson died 1918 an actress under the name Ruth Nightingale; died in childbirth
Norris, Caroline William Young daughter of John Norris, of Hughenden House, Buckinghamshire
North, Lady Barbara Clive Bossom daughter of Major Lord North (8th Earl of Guildford)
Northcliffe, Alison Adrian Sanders
Norton, Elise Horatio Bottomley daughter of Samuel Norton
Norton, Hon. Sarah William Waldorf Astor daughter of 6th Baron Grantley
Norton, Jon Mo Mowlam
Norton-Griffiths, Ursula John Thorpe daughter of Sir John Norton-Griffiths MP
Nowell, Margaret James Sidebottom daughter of John William Nowell, of Heyrod, Lancashire
Nugent, Louisa Elizabeth Thomas Fremantle daughter of General Sir George Nugent, Bart, of Westhorpe House, Buckinghamshire
Nugent, Georgina Charlotte George Bankes daughter of Admiral Sir Charles Nugent
Nugent, Mary Thomas Gibson-Carmichael