All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Phillips, Jean Hamilton Susan Colin Mitchell daughter of Wing-Commander Stephen Phillips
Phillpot, Emma Arthur Tremayne daughter of Reverend Thomas Phillpot
Phipps, unknown John Fuller daughter of CNP Phipps MP
Phipps, Mrs Alan Robert Lynn, Fitzroy Maclean daughter of 16th Baron Lovat
Phipps, unknown Frederick Guest daughter of Henry Phipps
Pickard, Gwendolyn Dorothy Ernest Millington
Pickard, Diane Helen Tim Yeo
Pickles, unknown Frederick Kelley daughter of Charles Henry Pickles
Pickstone, Elizabeth John Benn daughter of John Pickstone
Pierce, unknown Alexander Haycock daughter of George and Elizabeth Pierce
Pierrepont, Augusta Sophia Anne Charles Wellesley daughter of Henry Manvers Pierrepont
Pierrepont, Emily Annora Charlotte Frederick Lygon 1853-1935 daughter of 3rd Earl Manvers
Pierrepont, Lady Annora Charlotte Charles Wynn daughter of 2nd Earl Manvers
Pierson, unknown Carlyon Bellairs daughter of Colonel HL Pierson
Pigott, Ellen Stephen O'Mara 1845-1910
Pike, unknown Howard Button daughter of E Pike
Pilgrim, unknown James Marley daughter of William Pilgrim
Pilkington, Eliza John Tyrell daughter of Sir Thomas Pilkington, Bart, of Chevet, Yorkshire
Pilkington, unknown Henry Seton-Karr died 1884 daughter of W. Pilkington, of Roby Hall, Liverpool
Pilkington, unknown Peter Greenall daughter of William Pilkington