All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Pershouse, Frederica Owen Thomas daughter of Frederick Pershouse
Pery, Theodosia Thomas Spring-Rice daughter of 1st Earl of Limerick
Peters, Amy Mary Louise Gerald Wills daughter of Ivo Peters, of Corston, Somerset
Peterson, Diana Leon Brittan
Petherick, Edith Martha Penry Williams daughter of William Petherick, of London
Petherick, Jenefer Percy Browne daughter of Major George Petherick
Peto, unknown James Campbell daughter of Sir Samuel Morton Peto
Peto, Rosemary Maud Victor Hinchingbrooke daughter of Major Ralph Harding Peto
Petre, unknown John Crowder daughter of Alfred R Petre and gdaughter of Lady Petre
Pettifor, Ann Harold Roberts daughter of George Pettifor, of Anstey
Pettigrew, Agnes George Hardie
Petty, unknown Samuel Galbraith daughter of Henry Petty
Peyton, Laura Sarah Valentia daughter of D. Hale Webb; widow of Sir A.W. Peyton, Bart
Pfister, Alma William Gibbons died 1955 Swiss by birth
Pham, Nathalie Denis MacShane, William McArthur
Philips, Caroline George Trevelyan daughter of R.N. Philips MP
Philips, Gwyneth John Dunwoody 1930-
Phillips, Augusta John Philipps daughter of John Lort Phillips, of Haverfordwest
Phillips, Charlotte John Owen died 1829 daughter of Reverend John L. Phillips
Phillips, Alexandra Anastasia James Hamilton 1946- daughter of Lieut-Colonel Harold Phillips