All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Tebbutt, Ellen Charles Paget daughter of William Tebbutt
Teeling, Adelaide George Waters daughter of Charles Hamilton Teeling, of Belfast
Teichman, unknown Harold Morris daughter of Emil Teichman
Teissere, Emma Jean Louise Joseph Braithwaite
Telfer-Smillett, unknown John Ferguson daughter of Colonel Telfer-Smillett
Tempest, Grace William Jackson died 1901 daughter of George Tempest
Temple, Mary John Wallace daughter of James Graham Temple
Temple-Lyttelton, Hon. Meriel Sarah John Talbot daughter of 4th Baron Lyttelton
Templer, unknown Arthur Buller daughter of Francis Templer, of Ceylon
Tennant, unknown John Loder daughter of Sir Charles Tennant, Bart
Tennant, Nancy Thomas Dugdale died 1969 daughter of Sir Charles Tennant, Bart
Tennant, Camilla William Yates daughter of E.W.D. Tennant
Tennant, Margaret Herbert Asquith daughter of Sir Charles Tennant MP
Tennant, unknown daughter of Sir Charles Tennant, Bart
Tennant, unknown William Anstruther-Gray daughter of Andrew Tennant
Tennant, Virginia Penelope Henry Weymouth daughter of A.L.R. Parsons; previously married.
Tennant, Laura Octavia Alfred Lyttelton, John Macleod died 1886 daughter of Sir C. Tennant, Bart
Tennant, unknown Walter Elliot daughter of Sir Charles Tennant, Bart
Tennent, Arabella Jane Richard Campbell daughter of Archibald Argyll Hay, widow of Charles Tennent
Tennent, Letitia James Tennent daughter of William Tennent, of Tempo House, County Fermanagh