All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Tennyson d'Eyncourt, Philippa Janet Nigel Nicolson died 1993 daughter of Sir Gervais Tennyson d'Eyncourt, Bart
Terry, Phoebe Ernest Young daughter of James Terry
Terry, unknown James Cassels daughter of Alfred Terry
Terry, Atla Matilda George Wardle daughter of John Terry, of Keighley
Tetley, Amy Beatrice John Whiteley daughter of H.G. Tetley, of Cranleigh
Thatcher, Denis Margaret Thatcher 1915-2003
Theed, unknown Edward Fielden daughter of William Theed
Theedam, Emma Mary Thomas Whittaker daughter of Captain Charles Theedam
Therry, Elizabeth David Sherlock daughter of John Therry, Chairman of Board of Excise in Ireland
Thiessen-Gairtner, Sigrid Richard Needham
Thomas, unknown Samuel Evans daughter of William Thomas
Thomas, Elsie Irene William Robson-Brown died 1968
Thomas, unknown William Dobbie daughter of Charles Thomas
Thomas, Bessie David Thomas died 1953
Thomas, Christine Peter Jackson
Thomas, unknown Morgan Jones daughter of John and Mary Thomas
Thomas, unknown Thomas Jones daughter of Jonathan Thomas
Thomas, Elizabeth Thomas Richards daughter of David Thomas
Thomas, Sylvia William Ormsby-Gore died 1976 daughter of Hugh Lloyd Thomas, of Compton Beauchamp, Wiltshire
Thomas, Georgiana William Wrightson daughter of Inigo Thomas, of Ratton, Sussex