All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Tichborne, unknown John Towneley daughter of Sir Henry Tichborne, Bart
Tidman, Violet May Arthur Jones
Tidmas, Constance Albert Ward daughter of J.B. Tidmas, of Normanton-on-Soar
Tiernan, unknown Anthony Mulvey daughter of Thomas Tiernan
Tighe, Florence John Severne daughter of Very Reverend H.U. Tighe, Dean of Derry
Tildesley, Elizabeth Langford Enoch Baldwin
Tillotson, Sheila Sarah John Moore
Tilston, Pauline John Prescott daughter of E. Tilston
Tindall, Ann Marcus Fox daughter of FWJ Tindall
Tindall, Isabella Ann Joshua Rowntree daughter of Robert Tindall, of Kirkby Misperton Hall
Tinling, Anna Maria Frederick Thesiger daughter of William Tinling, of Southampton
Tinsdale, Lois James Milner daughter of Thomas Brown
Tod, unknown daughter of William Tod
Tod, unknown John Dewar died 1899 daughter of William Todaughter of Kinross-shire
Todd, unknown James Morrison daughter of Joseph Todd, silk mercer, of London
Todd, Jane Marian Rutherford William Wilson-Todd daughter of John Todd, of Halnaby Hall, Yorkshire
Todd, unknown Charles Douglas daughter of Robert Todd
Todd, Eliza James Dougherty
Todd, Elizabeth Thomas Owen daughter of Charles Todd, of Shawforth, Lancashire
to Kemi Badenoch, Unknown