All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Toler, Lady Georgina John Rebow daughter of 2nd Earl of Norbury
Toler, Lady Grace Crofton Vandeleur died 1872 daughter of 2nd Earl of Norbury
Tollemache, Elizabeth Brudenell daughter of Admiral Tollemache
Tollemache, Ada Maria Katherine Charles Hanbury-Tracy daughter of Hon. Frederick Tollemache
Tollemache, Elizabeth William Cowper-Temple daughter of Admiral Tollemache
Tollemache, Lady Catherine Camilla George Sinclair died 1863 daughter of Lord Huntingtower; sister of 8th Earl of Dysart
Tollemache, Julia Charles Roundell daughter of Wilbraham Tollemache, of Dorfold Hall, Cheshire
Tollemache, Louisa Harrington Thomas Taylor daughter of Hon. Reverend Hugh Francis Tollemache
Tollemarche, unknown James Hope daughter of Admiral Tollemarche
Tolley, Hilda Mary Walter Thomson daughter of Reverend J.G. Tolley, of London
Tomkinson, Julia Henry Rich daughter of Reverend James Tomkinson, of Dorfield Hall, Cheshire
Tomlin, unknown Stephen Hastings daughter of Colonel J Latham Tomlin
Tompkins, Jane Benjamin Tillett died 1936
Tomson, unknown Victor Milward daughter of James Tomson
Topham, unknown Frederick Mills daughter of GM Topham
Torpey, unknown William Lundon daughter of Hugh Torpey, farmer
Torreggiani, Mrs Carol Cassar Arthur Harvey
Tottenham, Maria Charles Sibthorp daughter of Ponsonby Tottenham
Tottenham, Lady Charlotte Elizabeth William Egerton daughter of 2nd Marquess of Ely
Towler, Elizabeth Ann Albert Smith daughter of John Towler