Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Allen, unknown William Johnston daughter of Robert Allen
Allen, Letitia A William Coote
Allfrey, Phyllis Lancelot Joynson-Hicks daughter of Major Herbert Allfrey, of Tetbury
Allingham, unknown James Boyle daughter of Edward Allingham
Allnutt, Anna Thomas Brassey 1839-1887 daughter of John Allnutt
Allsopp, Elizabeth Sydney Thomas Walker daughter of Henry Allsopp MP
Alpass, Caroline Jeremy Thorpe died 1970 daughter of Warwick Alpass
Alston, Harriett Thomas Abdy daughter of Rowland Alston
Alston, unknown Robert Nichol daughter of Baillie Alston
Ambler, unknown John Oddy daughter of John Ambler, of Bradford
Ambrose, Doris Ernest Shepperson daughter of Cole Ambrose, of Stuntney Hall, Ely
Amcotts, Sophia Louisa Emerson Mathew Wilson died 1833 daughter of Sir Wharton Amcotts, Bart, of Kettlethorpe, Lincolnshire
Ames, Mary William Codrington daughter of Levi Ames, of Hyde, Hertfordshire
Amherst, Lady Constance Harriet Arthur Monck died 1879 daughter of 2nd Earl Amherst
Amherst, Lady Mary Sarah Wilbraham Egerton daughter of 2nd Earl Amherst
Amid, unknown Augustine Hailwood daughter of Francis Amid
Amory, unknown Charles Carew daughter of Sir John Heathcote Amory, 1st Bt
Amos, Catherine Dudley Smith daughter of Thomas Amos
Anderdon, Helen Thomas Salt daughter of J.L. Anderdon, of Chislehurst, Kent
Anderson, unknown Robert Outhwaite daughter of James Anderson, barrister, of New Zealand