Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Anderson, unknown William Crossley daughter of Francis Anderson, surgeon
Anderson, Mary Donald Macgregor daughter of William Anderson, of South Shields
Anderson, unknown Robert Outhwaite daughter of James Anderson, barrister, of New Zealand
Anderson, Ann Albert Braithwaite
Anderson, unknown Percy Holman daughter of George Anderson
Anderson, Gertrude Richard Rigg
Anderson-Pelham, Victoria John Richardson widow of Lord Worsley MP (3rd Earl of Yarborough)
Anderton, unknown John Brigg daughter of William Anderton
Andrews, Evelyn Richard Marsh
Andrews, Elizabeth Ann Thomas Williams daughter of Thomas Andrews
Angus, unknown Thomas Moore widow of RL Angus
Annakin, Ethel Philip Snowden daughter of Richard Annakin, of Harrogate
Annesley, Anne Christabel Richard Thompson daughter of Philip de Vere Annesley
Ansell, Nicholas Caroline Ansell 1977 Source: Who's Who
Ansell, Marion Donald Smeaton daughter of Major Ansell
Anslow, unknown Henry Maddocks, James McCann daughter of John Anslow
Anson, Geraldine Frederick William John Jermyn daughter of General Hon. George Anson
Anson, Anne Frederica Francis Charteris daughter of 1st Earl of Lichfield
Anson, Lady Louisa Edward Tenison daughter of 1st Earl of Lichfield
Anson, Hon. Elizabeth Jane Henry Manners Waterpark 1816-1894 daughter of 1st Viscount Anson