All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Farquhar, Caroline Eliza Charles Grey
Farr, Peggy Donald Box
Farrell, Annie John Lockie daughter of John Farrell
Farrer, Cecilia Stafford Northcote daughter of T. Farrer, of Lincoln's Inn, London
Farrington, Dorothy Mai Borras Whiteside daughter of John Farrington
Farsden, unknown Edward Hamilton daughter of Sir Walter Farsden Bt
Farwell, Dr Margaret Eugene Ramsden daughter of F.E. Withey, of Michigan; widow of Major Farwell, U.S. Army
Fass, unknown James Bailey daughter of A Fass
Faulkner, unknown Hugh Meyler daughter of WA Faulkner
Faun, Kathleen Mary Bernard Braine died 1982 daughter of H.W. Faun, of East Sheen
Fawcett, Emily Thomas Naylor
Fawcett, Agnes Kingsley Wood daughter of Henry Fawcett
Fawcett-Fancet, V.A. Benjamin Ford
Fawkener, Sarah Henry Cavendish daughter of W. Augustus Fawkener
Feibusch, Joyce Lawrence Cyril Osborne of Wolverhampton
Felton, unknown Cecil Hilton daughter of Henry Felton
Fenemore, unknown Edward Smallwood daughter of Henry Fenemore, of Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire
Fenwick, June Mary Marcus Kimball daughter of Montagu John Fenwick, JP, of Great Stukeley Hall, Huntingdon
Fenwick, Dorothy Isabel George Warne daughter of George Fenwick
Ferguson, unknown Archibald Hunter daughter of Hickson Ferguson and widow of 2nd Ld Inverclyde