All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
FitzRoy, Frances George Rice-Trevor died 1878 daughter of Lord Charles Fitzroy
FitzRoy, Gertrude Louisa Georgiana Robert Lloyd-Anstruther daughter of F. Horatio Fitz-Roy
FitzRoy, Lady Louisa Edward Douglas-Pennant daughter of 5th Duke of Grafton
FitzRoy, Blanche Georgina Edward Douglas-Pennant daughter of 3rd Baron Southampton
FitzRoy, Georgiana Frederica Worcester died 1821 daughter of Hon. Henry FitzRoy, of Southampton
Flagg, May Blanche James Gould
Flanagan, Louise William Cosgrave died 1959 daughter of Alderman Flanagan
Fleming, Alicia Bland Edward Archdale died 1924 daughter of Quintin Fleming
Fleming, Emily Robert Reid died 1904 daughter of A.C. Fleming
Fleming, Georgina Alexander Richardson daughter of Captain George Fleming
Fletcher, Elizabeth Robert Richardson
Fletcher, Cynthia Frances Henry Willink died 1959 daughter of H. Morley Fletcher
Fletcher, unknown Ernest Jardine daughter of James Fletcher
Fletcher, Pauline Rosemary Christopher York daughter of Sir Lionel Fletcher
Fletcher, Muriel Harriet Henry Wright daughter of Colonel Henry Fletcher
Fletcher, unknown John McCann, Henry Maden daughter of James Herbert Fletcher
Fletcher, Florence Agnes Eustace Fiennes daughter of John Rathfelder, widow of A.W. Fletcher
Fletcher, Edith Mabel Lancelot Sanderson daughter of Alfred Fletcher, of Allerton, Lancashire
Fletcher, Phoebe Arthur Samuel daughter of Dr Alfred Fletcher, of Charterhouse
Flockton, Charlotte William Rose widow of Thomas Metcalfe Flockton