All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Fish, unknown Hugh Lea Charles Fish
Fisher, Florence Percy Wells daughter of E.J. Fisher
Fisher, AimeƩ Geoffrey Shakespeare died 1950 daughter of Walter Loveridge; widow of Sir Thomas Fisher
Fisher, Florence William Fisher
Fisher, Joseph Doris Fisher
Fisher, unknown Albert Bellamy daughter of John Fisher
Fisher, unknown Harford Hyde daughter of Colonel LG Fisher
Fisher, Sir Nigel Patricia Ford himself an MP
Fishwick, Diana Alfred Critchley
Fisk, May Isabel Campbell-Johnston
Fitzalan-Howard, Lady Theresa Jane Michael Ancram daughter of 16th Duke of Norfolk
Fitzalan-Howard, Mary Charlotte Thomas Foley daughter of 13th Duke of Norfolk
Fitzclarence, Lady Mary Charles Fox
Fitzgerald, Lady Jane George Repton daughter of 3rd Duke of Leinster
Fitzgerald, unknown James Farrell daughter of M Fitzgerald
Fitz-Gerald, Mary Lucius O'Brien daughter of William Fitz-Gerald, of Adelphi, County Clare
Fitzhenry, Marie William Corbet daughter of David Fitzhenry
Fitzherbert, unknown Charles Bill daughter of Colonel Fitzherbert
Fitzmaurice, Lady Evelyn Emily Mary Victor Cavendish 1870-1960 daughter of 5th Marquess of Lansdowne.
FitzPatrick, Mary William West