All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Forrest, Elsie Stephen Thomas Shaw daughter of George Forrest, of Ludquharn, Aberdeenshire
Forrest, unknown Charles Ainsworth daughter of Thomas Forrest
Forrester, Ena Glendinning Ronald Russell daughter of Alfred Forrester, of Middlesbrough
Forrester-Paton, unknown James Millar daughter of Alexander P Forrester-Paton
Forshaw, unknown Harry Liddell KM Forshaw
Forster, unknown Patrick Donner daughter of Rear-Admiral Herbert A Forster
Forsyth, Mary L. John Hodge died 1931
Forsythe, Lillah Irene William Allen daughter of R. Hill Forsythe, of Lurgan
Fortescue, Lady Lucy Catherine Michael Hicks-Beach daughter of 3rd Earl Fortescue
Fortescue, Anne George Wilbraham daughter of Earl Fortescue, sister of Viscount Ebrington MP
Fortescue, Elizabeth Courtenay 1801-1867 daughter of 3rd Earl Fortescue
Fortescue, Mary James Williams daughter of Earl Fortescue
Fortescue, Catharine Newton Fellowes daughter of Earl Fortescue; sister of Viscount Ebrington MP
Fortescue-Harrison, Anne Arthur Hill daughter of James Fortescue Harrison MP
Foster, Joan Alfred Critchley
Foster, Edith David Quibell died 1953
Foster, Alice Elizabeth William Raynes
Foster, Caroline Brandon Rhys Williams daughter of L.A. Foster
Found, unknown John Hay daughter of Commander HC Found
Fowden, unknown Clifford Edgar daughter of George Fowden