All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Mace, unknown Ian Fraser daughter of George Mace
Macer, Eliza Francis Broad daughter of Thomas Macer, of Wormley, Herefordshire
Macfarlane, Helen
Macfarlane, Florette Rhodes Boyson
Macfarlane, Janet Michael Cocks
MacGowan, unknown Robert Chapman daughter of James George MacGowan
MacGowan, Isabelle Dymoke White daughter of James MacGowan
MacIntyre, Evelyn William Woodall died 1870 daughter of James MacIntyre, of Burslem
Mackay, Andrew Andrew Agnew, Julie Kirkbride 1949-
Mackay, Joan John Barter
Mackay, Erica Walter Townsend-Farquhar daughter of 7th Baron Reay
Mackay, Annie
Mackay, Hon. Elizabeth Nicholas Fairbairn daughter of Lord and Lady Reay
Mackay, Sunnie George Hanna
Mackay, Hon. Margaret Cargill Alexander Shaw daughter of Baron Inchcape
Mackay, Elizabeth Greig John Sinclair daughter of G.G. Mackay, of Grangemouth, Scotland
Mackay, Margaret Dora Frank Taylor died 1944
Mackay, unknown Henry Leigh-Bennett daughter of Thomas Miller Mackay
MacKay, unknown Andrew Anderson daughter of George MacKay
Mackenzie, Mary John Byng daughter of Peter Mackenzie