All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Ogle, Isabel Nathaniel Clayton daughter of Reverend EC Ogle
O'Gorman, unknown Francis Neilson daughter of James O'Gorman
Oldfield, unknown Thomas Fardell daughter of Henry Swann Oldfield
Oldham, unknown Dudley Joel daughter of JM Oldham
Olive, Mary Sneade Kilcoursie
Oliver, Joan Elizabeth Charles Byers daughter of William Oliver
Oliver, unknown Alfred King daughter of Thomas Oliver
Olley, unknown Henry Broadhurst daughter of Edward Olley, of Norwich
Olliver, unknown William Kingsmill widow of Lt Col Guy Kingston Olliver
O'Loughlen, Lucinda Hewitt Bridgeman died 1839 daughter of Coleman O'Loughlen; sister of Sir M. O'Loughlen, Bart
O'Malley, unknown Walter Nugent daughter of Middleton Moore O'Malley
O'Meara, Anna Eliza John Corbett
O'Meira, Rita John Cullinan
Ommanney, Marianne Susanna Tommy McAvoy, Mark Stewart daughter of John Orde Ommanney
O'Neill, unknown Timothy Harrington daughter of Dr Edward O'Neill
O'Neill, Esther Gordon Oakes died 1998
Onslow, Lady Dorothy Edward Wood daughter of 4th Earl of Onslow
Onslow, Lady Gwendolen Rupert Guinness 1881-1966 daughter of 4th Earl of Onslow. Later an MP herself.
Onslow, Rosa Anna Guildford Onslow daughter of General Denzil Onslow
Openshaw, unknown Arthur Holt daughter of A.C. Openshaw