All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Osborne, Alastair Sandra Osborne
Osborne, Catherine Isabella Ralph Bernal daughter of Sir Thomas Osborne, Bart, of Thicknesse, County Waterford
Osborne, Lady Constance Blanche Godolphin Ernest Hatch daughter of 9th Duke of Leeds
Osborne, June Randolph Churchill
O'Sullivan, Eily John Esmonde
O'Sullivan, Julia John Scurr died 1927 daughter of John O'Sullivan
O'Sullivan, Nora John O'Kelly daughter of Patrick O'Sullivan, of Lisbawn
O'Toole, Natalie Martin Salter
Otter, unknown John Romilly daughter of Bishop of Chichester
Otway, Martha Stuart Clarence Paget daughter of Admiral Sir Robert Waller Otway, Bart
Outhwaite, Annie William Willis daughter of John Outhwaite, of Clapton
Owden, Margaret Thomas Greer daughter of John Owden, of Sea Park, Carrickfergus
Owen, Ursula Leslie Thomas daughter of H. Owen
Owen, Margaret David Lloyd George died 1941 daughter of Richard Owen, of Criccieth
Owen, Dorothy Lilian Edward Wise
Owen, Mary Myfanwy Robert Richards died 1950 daughter of Thomas Owen
Owen, unknown Ellis Ellis-Griffith daughter of Reverend R Owen
Owen, Mary Fanny William Wilberforce daughter of Reverend John Owen, of Pagelsham, Essex
Owen, Elinor Dafydd Wigley daughter of Emrys Bennett Owen
Owen, Fanny Robert Myddelton-Biddulph daughter of William Mostyn Owen, of Woodhouse, Shropshire