All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Oppenheim, Henry Sally Oppenheim died 1980 son of A.L. Oppenheim
Orchard, David Vyvyan Sue Doughty
Ord, Jane B. William Blyton
Orde, Frances Carleton William Massey died 1872 daughter of Reverend John Orde
O'Reilly, Louise Duncan Campbell
Orerod, unknown John Leavey daughter of Sir Benjamin Orerod, judge
Orford, unknown George Muff daughter of Charles and Mary Orford
Organ, Richard Thomas Diana Organ
O'Riordan, Katherine Maurice Foley daughter of Patrick O'Riordan
Orman, Angela Roger White daughter of Henry W. Orman
Ormsby, Mary John Rebow died 1842 daughter of General Slate Rebow, widow of Sir Thomas Ormsby, Bart
Ormsby, Mary Jane William Ormsby-Gore daughter of Owen Ormsby
Ormsby Gore, Hon. Emily Ebrington daughter of Baron Harlech
Ormsby-Gore, Katharine Margaret Alice Maurice Macmillan daughter of 4th Baron Harlech
Orr, Rosemary Janet Jerry Wiggin daughter of David Orr, of Wormley, Surrey
Orr, Frances Walter Ross Taylor died 1957 daughter of Robert Orr, of Kinnaird
Orr, Jane Gathorne Hardy daughter of James Orr
Orr Ewing, Lady Augusta Thomas Inskip née Boyle; daughter of 7th Earl of Glasgow; widow of Charles Orr Ewing MP
Orton, unknown Douglas Coghill daughter of Charles Orton MD
Osborne, Lady Moira Godolphin John Maclure, Oliver Lyttelton daughter of 10th Duke of Leeds