All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Pattinson, Annie Lucy Richard Winfrey daughter of William Pattinson, of Ruskington, Lincolnshire
Pattinson, Helen Elizabeth Aneurin Williams died 1922 daughter of John Pattinson, of Gateshead
Pattison, Elizabeth William Arrol died 1904
Patton, unknown Robert Cameron daughter of John Patton
Paul, Muriel David Gammans 1898-1989 daughter of Frank Paul; later an MP
Paul, Sandra Michael Howard
Paul, unknown Thomas Lefroy daughter of Jeffery Paul, of Silverspring, County Wexford
Pauncefort, unknown John Richards
Pawle, unknown William Dunn daughter of John Pawle
Payne, Unknown Thomas Esmonde died 1840
Paynter, Rose Caroline Charles Graves-Sawle daughter of David R. Paynter, of Dale Castle, Pembrokeshire
Peabody, Mary Endicott Fitzgerald Arthur Tree daughter of Right Reverend Malcolm Peabody, of Syracuse, New York
Peach, unknown Charles Bowerman daughter of W Peach
Peach, unknown Philip Miles daughter of S. Peach, of Gloucestershire
Peacock, Hannah Roland Jennings daughter of John T. Peacock, of Sunderland
Pearse, Dr Margaret Percy Alden
Pearson, Fay Elizabeth Jack Simon daughter of Brigadier H.G.A. Pearson
Pearson, Frances Mary Herbert Willison daughter of George Pearson
Pearson, Barbara Andrew Johnston daughter of D. Pearson of Edinburgh
Pearson, Beryl Nancy John Hare daughter of 2nd Viscount Cowdray