All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Parnham, Mabel Harry Becker
Parolini, Elize John Ball daughter of Count Parolini, of Bassano, Italy
Parrish, Florrie Arnold Townend daughter of W.E. Parrish, of Sale
Parry, Elizabeth Emma John Wilmot died 1818 daughter of Caleb Hillier Parry, of Bath
Parry, unknown Edward Hoare daughter of Sir William Edward Parry
Parson, Verity Anne William Gibbons
Parsons, Mary Christina Jon Rankin
Parson-Smith, unknown Henry Mallaby-Deeley daughter of John Parson-Smith
Parton, Ellen John Evans Oxford
Paschal, Elizabeth T.P. O'Connor 1850-1931 daughter of George Washington Paschal, of Austin, Texas
Pascoe, Belinda Jane John Eden
Pasley, Margaret Henry Tyler daughter of General Sir Charles Pasley
Paterson, Agnes Christie Thomas Robertson daughter of James Paterson, of Redgorton, Perthshire
Paton, unknown William Lennox a celebrated singer
Paton, Annie David Hardie JP
Patten, Elizabeth John Yarde-Buller died 1857 daughter of Thomas Wilson Patten
Patterson, unknown David Adams daughter of Captain John Patterson
Patterson, Frances Gregory Campbell
Patterson, Margaret Thomas Wallace daughter of James C. Patterson, of Dromore
Pattie, Virginia Eastnor died 1910 daughter of John Pattie