All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Pearson, Beryl Nancy John Hare daughter of 2nd Viscount Cowdray
Pearson, unknown Michael Noble daughter of Sir Neville Pearson Bt
Pearson, Barbara Andrew Johnston daughter of D. Pearson of Edinburgh
Pearson, Doris Jack Dormand daughter of Thomas Pearson
Pease, Faith Muriel Michael Beaumont daughter of 1st Baron Gainsford MP
Pedler, Frances Mathew Wilson widow of Colonel Pedler, of Brighton
Peel, Alice Arthur Heath daughter of Reverend H.R. Peel
Peel, Adelaide Georgiana Michael Biddulph died 1872 daughter of General Jonathan Peel
Peel, Julia Villiers 1821-1893 daughter of Sir Robert Peel, Bart
Peel, Julia James Maguire daughter of Arthur Wellesley Peel MP (1st Viscount Peel)
Peel, Mary Elizabeth Robert Dawson daughter of 1st Lord Lurgan
Peet, Vanessa Mary Archie Norman
Pegler, Barbara May Frederick Gough
Pelham, unknown George Courthope daughter of Major-General Henry Pelham Close
Pelham, Lady Isabella Samuel Whitbread daughter of 3rd Earl of Chichester
Pelham, Maria Adelaide William Monson c.1820-1897 daughter of Cornwallis Maude; widow of 2nd Earl of Yarborough
Pelham, Lady Susan Abel Smith died 1875 daughter of 3rd Earl of Chichester
Pelham-Clinton, Lady Susan Adolphus Vane daughter of Earl of Lincoln MP (5th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyme)
Pell, unknown Martin Archer-Shee daughter of Alfred Pell
Pellew, Georgiana Susan William Addington daughter of Very Reverend George Pellew, Dean of Norwich