All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Pelly, Constance Balcarres died 1947 daughter of Sir Henry Pelly MP
Pemberton, Emily James Boyden daughter of John Thomas Pemberton, of Warrington
Penman, unknown David Davies daughter of LT Penman JP
Penn, unknown George Bowles daughter of John Penn MP Lewisham
Pennefather, Evelyn Henrietta Mahon daughter of Richard Pennefather, of Knockevan, County Tipperary
Penney, Nancy Michael Winstanley
Penny, unknown Frank Medlicott daughter of Reverend Walter T Penny
Pennyman, unknown John Boss daughter of Sir James Pennyman, niece of 1st Earl Grey
Perceval, Isabella Spencer Walpole daughter of Spencer Perceval MP
Percival-Alwyn, Jennifer David Stoddart daughter of L. Percival-Alwyn; married previously
Percy, Lady Elizabeth Ivy Douglas Douglas and Clydesdale daughter of 8th Duke of Northumberland
Percy, Mary Gerald Williams daughter of Captain Josceline Heber Percy
Perez Blanco, Bienvenida Antony Buck
Perkins, Alice Jack Straw
Perrie-Williams, G Rhys Morris
Perrin, Elizabeth William Wait daughter of John Perrin, of Wicklow, Ireland
Perrins, Sabina Emily Wood John Talbot daughter of Joseph Perrins
Perry, Mary Robert Warren daughter of Charles Perry
Perry, Georgiana Mary Charles O'Conor Don died 1872 daughter of Thomas A. Perry, of Bitham House, Warwickshire
Perryman, unknown Arthur Nall-Cain daughter of Reverend WG Perryman