All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Rand, Catherine Mary Stanley Thorne
Randall, unknown Henry Foreman daughter of AJ Randall
Randall, unknown John Eales daughter of Frederick Randall
Randall, Vera George Wallace daughter of W.J. Randall of Guildford
Randolph, Hannah Robert Hudson daughter of P.S.P. Randolph, of Philadelphia
Rands, Irene Dorothy William Clark daughter of F.D. Rands
Rankin, unknown daughter of Robert Rankin
Rankin, Catherine McIntosh (Kay) Neil Carmichael
Ransford, Caroline John Withers daughter of Dr Gifford Ransford
Ransome, Anne George White daughter of Henry Ransome, of Norwich
Rapp, Susannah Gilbert Greenall daughter of John Louis Rapp
Ratcliff, unknown Lawrence Kimball daughter of HR Ratcliff
Ratcliff, Mavis Beryl James Wellbeloved daughter of Edgar Ratcliff, of Bexleyheath, Kent
Rathbone, John Rankin Beatrice Rathbone 1910-1940 himself an MP
Rathbone, unknown Enoch Edwards daughter of Henry Rathbone
Rathbone, unknown Herbert Dunnico daughter of Robert Rathbone
Rathbone, Freda Penelope Herbert Cayzer daughter of Colonel W.H. Rathbone
Rathbone, Ethel Rowland Whitehead daughter of Philip H. Rathbone, of Liverpool
Rathbone, Evelyn Hugh Rathbone daughter of William Rathbone MP
Ravenshaw, Hester Charles Selwyn daughter of J.G. Ravenshaw, Chairman of East India Company; widow of Dr Thomas Dowler