All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Rawson, Dorothy Etta Victor Warrender died 1975 daughter of Colonel R.H. Rawson MP
Rawson, Elizabeth Thomas Shaw daughter of William Rawson, of Manchester
Raymond, unknown Herschel Austin daughter of J Raymond
Raymond, Jill Clement Freud
Raymond, Mrs Isabella Evans Gerard Noel
Rayner, Kathleen Marion Harry Howarth
Rea, unknown Harry Day daughter of WHS Rea
Read, Selina John Sears daughter of Hugh Read, of Streatham
Reardon, Jessie Hilda William Whitlock daughter of George Victor Reardon
Reay, unknown Matthew Bell daughter of Henry Reay
Reddin, Harriette Donald Macgregor daughter of E. Reddin, of London
Redhead, unknown Esmond Harmsworth daughter of William Redhead and daughter of Lady Lacon
Redhead, Rosemary John Peel daughter of Robert Redhead, of Hambledon, Surrey
Redmond, Anne Eliza John Talbot daughter of Walter Redmond, banker, of Wexford
Reece, Mary Audrey Brian Sedgemore daughter of Juby Reece, barrister
Reed, Jessie James Woodhouse daughter of W.J. Reed, of Skidby, Yorkshire
Reed, unknown George Lindgren daughter of Frank Reed
Reed, Judith David Marquand daughter of Dr M. Reed
Reed, Doris L. Anderson Barlow of Sandwich
Reed, Violet William Wilkins daughter of Edward Reed